The trading activity is directed to the commercialization of siderurgical products in general. It is based on promptness, on being different from the other competitors and also on the customization of the product proposing special cuttings and processing.
Siderurgical Products
Beams Mercantile laminates Pipes Pipes for special use Opened Contours Metal Sheet Electroforged grids Stainless steel
 UNP, NP, IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM. flat, wide flat, angled, channel iron, iron with T shape, circular and square. solded for carpentry use; solded with a square and rectangular shape; solded with a ciruclar shape for doors, windows and shutters.
Tubulars in various sections (semioval, oval, triangular), SS (without solding), circular, square, rectangular quite thick.
water, gas, petrol.
angular, channel iron, iron in T and C shape, omega iron, monorail.


hot metal sheets, cold metal sheets, pickled, galvanized, ashlared, punched, aggregates for coverings, walls and false ceilings. zinc-coated fencing module, zinc-coated steps, zinc-coated rimmed panels. rectangular pipes, circular and square pipes, metal sheet quality type AISI 304-316.
Profilings of every type of sections, Wood/alluminium system Fully equipped range of accessorizes.          

Electrodes Disks Hinges locks        
Forged Iron

A wide range of pickling iron, processed, forged: spears, studs, rose-windows and many others.


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