Since the beginning of its activity (1984), FINFER has based its own company policy on a high level performance in terms of quality and productivity. During the years, the company has used a management system for quality as an essential instrument to improve the service provided to the customers aiming to increase competitiveness on the market, through the reduction of operating costs, and the improvement of its own image. To reach these goals, the company management has adopted and introduced a Quality System in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulation as a privileged instrument for the company organization and management.

At the same time, FIN FER S.p.a has been provided with a system of enviromental management together with the quality one certified by the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 in order to reach a better integration with the surrounding area and enviroment and to use better the legislative instruments for the economic development of the companies of the south of Italy. The achievement of these goals provides prizes for the companies that pursue these purpose as FIN FER S.p.a does.
However, this management system allows not only to achieve the aim above mentioned but it is also an essential instrument to monitor all the company processes that produce effects on the enviroment preventig from negative effects caused by violation of the law .

The activity of FIN FER S.p.a takes place in two sites:
• Rotondi where the siderurgical production and trading takes place together with the processing of alluminium and steel profiling;
• Paolisi which has a modern plant for the hot galvanizing of ferrous products.

Both units are characterized and managed with the same principle and with the same standards of performances regarding production, quality and prevention and reduction of environmental effects.
For the achievement of the fixed goals regarding quality and environment, the headquarters promise to:
• Evaluate and monitor all the effects produced by the company on the environment during its main or subsidiary activities.
• Establishing positive actions as to reduce the most significant environmental effects.
• Search for an optimization of the existing plants and sites using the best
Technology available and financially possible.
• Make the company staff aware of the environmental issues, including also suppliers and dealers who work for the company.
• Respect of all the environmental laws regarding this industrial sector and the production and the company processes.
• Allow people, customers, potential suppliers and dealers, that carry out processes in outsourcing for the organization, to know the commitment of the company concerning the environment.
• Constantly improve the standards for the environmental performances using monitoring and improvement plans that, together with the use of performance markers annually fixed by the headquarters Committee, allow to measure, register and keep under control all the company situations that eventually produce effects on the environment.
• Strengthen and increase market shares in its own productive sector and also at an extraregional level through the acquisition of other clients that gradually allow to reach good income value for the company.
• Improve the profitability and increase the income-earnings ratio obtaining, with the support of the data from the QS system, the determination of the performances and the organizational efficiency through the measurement of different quality markers formulated each time in a plan for the annual improvement presented on the occasion of the reexamination from the Headquarters.
• Improve the capability of the company to identify and satisfy the explicit or implicit demands through the refinement of the company aptitude to “ listen his customers”.
• Obtain for the company a better visibility with the potential or acquired customers considered important for the market strategy through the certification SQA.
• The MQA, which is the essential core of this document, is the principal means of communication inside and outside the company. Through the MQA it will be possible to show to a potential client the reliability that the company can grant in a contractual relation and proving how the work will be carried out even before the stipulation of the contract or before having orders.
With the aim to maintain the QSA certification, the following action have been established:
• The nominee of a representative of the company headquarters who has autonomy and authority to introduce and maintain the QSA, applying it himself first and then involving all the staff. For this reason he will help the entire staff at all levels, in the comprehension of the executive application.
• The identification of external qualified bodies that are able to support the above mentioned resource with the technical-training competences necessary to keep active and in line the QSA with the normative and technological principles.
• Choose a policy for a constant improvement investing in technology, management and training.
• provide the necessary material and economic means for the achievement of the goals.
• The above-mentioned representative will provide, together with the support of external bodies, to arrange the suitable work programs that will establish time and modalities of the SQA adopted. This will provide the right relevance to the control that is carried out in order to evaluate the efficiency of the SQA procedures and the conformity of the documents and of the effective procedures to the law .
• In consideration of the importance of the aims that are to be achieved and the commitment necessary for their attainment, we would like to invite all the staff, of every level, to give their own collaboration for the achievement and updating of the System and to follow carefully the rules contained in the Guide for the Quality and Environment Management, in the Operative Procedures and in all the other regulations concerning this issue eventually provided from the Headquarters Representative.
• Every year, the Committee for Quality and Environment composed of the General Office, of the Representative and of the first level functions, on the occasion of the reexamination of the System, defines and updates the goals that the organization wants to pursue. Furthermore, the company verifies that the policy for Quality and Environment is suitable and also its improvements and updating. In this occasion all the activities regarding Quality and Environment are checked together with the respect of the mandatory regulations and the achievement of the client satisfaction defining, in this way, the necessary actions to start the process of constant improvement.

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