Our plant has 10 degreaser/pickling tanks, washing and fluxing tanks.
Each tank is entirely made of polypropylene with walls 20 mm thick and a floor 25 mm thick properly reinforced with buffers on top of the two heads (12 mm thick) as to avoid damages produces by the bumping of the material.
The solding system with total penetration guarantees to the tank an exceptional strengh wich is also absolutely acid-proof.

The degrasing/pickling of the material takes place at ambient temperature in aqueous solution of hydrocloric acid (15% in weight) and degreasing additive (2% in weight).The area where the two pickling tans are located, has an efficient air extractor unit that guarantees more than 20 changes of air per hour. In this way the concentration of hydrocloric acid, in the working areas, are keept under the fixed amount determined by the Italian law.

The air is aspirated from the grids standing underneath the pickling tanks and the air flux (90.000 cm/hour) moves from up to down as the amount of hydrocloric acid tends to be heavier in the air.

The aspirated air will be cleaned through a scrubber supplied with alkaline solution guaranteeing at the stack a level of pollutants lower than those fixed by the Italian law (HCL 10mg/Ncm).

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